"Aenon Health Retreat Story" by David Fam

Started in 1999 by 4 dedicated pioneers, Aenon health retreat now welcome more than 100 guest a month with over 30 staff members. This is the story how its founders depend only on God providence in order to spread the health message and the Gospel to the world.

David has a most amazing and thrilling story of faith.As founder and president of Aenon Institute, Malaysia, he has led an extraordinary life of service in health ministry since 1989. David has pioneered a dynamic and successful health retreat in Malaysia. He also established a health and Bible training Program, Loud Voice Media, and a City Vegan Restaurant

Release Date: 17 Jan 2019

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Experience Him - Part I (1/6)
by · 4010 views · HD
David started Aenon health retreat in 1999, now it welcomes over 100 guess every month with 3 months waiting list. And it’s all started by his desires to experience God's supernatural powers. (more)
Experience Him - Part II (2/6)
by · 3452 views · HD
When Aenon started in 1999, no one knows what health retreat or lifestyle centre is. Many thinks he is very smart and so far ahead of everyone body else. Let's find out the truth! (more)
Experience Him - Part III (3/6)
by · 4118 views · HD
After graduating from Hartland in 1992, David learn the theory of medical missionary, but none of the practical. He prays hard to God to teach him what to do. This is how God answer his prayers! (more)
Experience Him - Part IV (4/6)
by · 4066 views · HD
In 1995, David was finishing his study at Hartland. He asks God where he should go. The answer is not what he is expecting. (more)
Experience Him - Part V (5/6)
by · 4125 views · HD
In 2007, as Aenon grows, their current facilities are no longer sufficient. Yet they don’t have the financial mean to move. This is how God miraculously raise the money for them to acquire their new facil... (more)
Experience Him - Part VI (6/6)
by · 4607 views · HD
It's always exciting to hear the story of how God blessed the Aenon health retreat. But the devil also attack them like crazy. Here are some of them and how God always deliver David and his team through them al... (more)