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"In The Presence of Jehovah"
by · 7881 views · HD
Special Music by the AYC Choir (more)
by · 5581 views · HQ
Special item by Tustisala family, "Jerusalem". (more)
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3 Steps Toward Healthy Marriage
by · 2888 views · HQ
8 Phases to UR church Training
by · 5759 views · HD
Pr. Matt explain the 8 phases to the UR church training module. (more)
A Call Into Glory
by · 6941 views · HQ
Do you wonder why in so many of our churches has a few or no baptism for many years? Why so many visitors come in and say these churches is dead? Let's discover what cause it and how we too can get involve to r... (more)
A New Desire
by · 4580 views · HD
Coming from a broken family whose parent fist fighting is the norm, Alex went to school looking to just have fun. Today, he is a committed bible worker. This is his testimony. (more)
A Personal God
by · 1706 views · HD
How is your relationship with God? Is He a distant all powerful being that ready to punish you at every wrong doing? (more)
A Precious Moment
by · 371 views · HD
Psalm 126:5 says “Those who sow in tears, shall reap in joy”. What does this verse referring to by saying sow in tears? (more)
A Sure Thing
by · 1480 views · HD
Want a guaranteed success for your evangelistic campaign? Well, actually the Bible does says that there is a method where success is guaranteed. (more)
A Vision That Almost Cost Ellen G. White Her Life
by · 31987 views · HQ
Throughout her life, Ellen G. White had many visions. But there is one particular vision that made the devil attack her personally in order to stop her from sharing the vision. Let’s find out what the vis... (more)
Adventism in Australia
by · 10325 views · HQ
Do you know the Australian division is the blue-print of the entire world field? Ellen White spend almost 10 years in Australia. Let's discover what she has done and how it has been impacting the world church s... (more)
Adventist Identity
by · 4683 views · LQ
Have you ever notice that many of the Adventist churches, hospitals and schools had their own logo, symbols, and some of them ditch the Adventist name altogether? What's happening and what can we do about it? (more)
Adventist Identity - Part I (Audio Only)
by · 5291 views · LQ
Adventist Identity - Part II (Audio Only)
by · 2929 views · LQ
Adventist Identity - Part III (Audio Only)
by · 3165 views · LQ
by · 5613 views · HQ
Ever heard the saying "life is an adventure"? While the word adventure is not in the Bible, the concept certainly is. And whether we like it or not, we are all part of this adventure. Let's find out what it is! (more)
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After the Harvest
by · 411 views · HD
Almost 50% of the new member gain during evangelism campaign will eventually leave the church. What happen after the campaign is vital to keep these new members to stay in our churches. (more)
Agonizing Prayer
by · 5433 views · HQ
The Bible makes it clear that there are something that only can be answered as the result of agonising in prayer. Let's learn some of the concept agonising in prayer! (more)
An Encounter With God
by · 7044 views · HQ
How to have an encounter with God? Here are some guidelines that will help you to really study His word and open yourself up to God. (more)
An Eternal Connection
by · 5967 views · HQ
What happen at the cross? Something happen much more than God playing dead on earth for three days. Something that will last for eternity! (more)