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Women’s Ordination Controversy
by Pastor Rod Anderson
For over 45 years women ordination issues has been dividing our church. This video series will cover the Biblical instruction regarding the topic of ordination, address some of the most compelling Bible passages used by women's ordinationists and some of the books and articles on the topic of ordination circulating the world field. For more information about this video series and readin... (more)
In Step with Jesus
with Pr. John Bradshaw
In Step with Jesus is the first program run by Harvest Victoria initiative. Harvest Victoria is about every day sharing Christ with the people in our lives, it is a 2-year initiative (2018-2019) embedded in a 5-year strategy (2018-2022) designed to revolutionize the way we grow churches through revitalization and church planting. (more)
RENEW - Women Conference
with Dr. Esmie Branner
Dr Ez Branner has a Ph/D in Research Psychology; specializing in cognitive neuroscience and emotional intelligence. She has worked as a college professor, counselor and therapist and is currently a consultant in the area of mental health and Cognitive and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. Dr Ez is the wife of Pastor Arthur Branner, a minister and family life counselor in the Northern... (more)
Digital Discipleship Conference 2018
by Various Speakers
Join us for a fun-filled weekend with opportunities for spiritual growth and networking, international and local speakers, idea generation and refinement as well as skill development. You'll feel empowered to return to your church, ministry or personal project and take it to the next level. (more)
Gateway Winter Retreat 2018
by Pr. Randy Skeete
Randy Skeete is an evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Elder Skeete has preached for revivals and evangelistic meetings around the world, including Uganda, England, Australia, the Philippines, and Kenya, as well as in the United States.  (more)
GROW conference
by Victorian SDA
In 2017 the GROW Conference will revolve around the theme of ‘Purpose’ providing an opportunity for Elders and Local Church Leaders from around the Conference to gather together, to network with others and be challenged, better equipped and encouraged. Our keynote speaker is Dr Emilio Abdala the Director for Evangelism and Global Mission for the Central Brazil Union. Emilio ... (more)
Mission Day - Brazil
by Pr. Emilio Abdala
Brazil planted over a thousand new churches recently. Pr. Emilio Abdala from the Brazilian union shared some of the work that had been done. (more)
Business Unusual - Further Training
by Johnny Wong
Further Training for the book Business Unusual by Johnny Wong. Retention and spiritual growth are the urgent goals of discipleship. This book draws on the experience of a lay-led church in Australia, which has a retention rate of 90% of baptised members and has planted three churches and with two more church plants in progress. It provides real life practical case studies and tools... (more)
by David Asscherick & Glenn Hughes
5 days. 5 Solas. 500 Years. Join us for a fresh look at the protest that changed history forever. Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Christ Alone, For the Glory of God Alone. (more)
Training Centre Churches
by Pr. Kameron DeVasher
What if every church is a training centre? How much faster will the gospel be spread throughout all the world? We will also be exploring the Biblical role of God’s angels, church pastors, elders and members in order for us to work more effectively together. More videos coming soon. Subscribe to be notified when new videos became available. (more)
The Great Controversy
by Pr. Kameron DeVasher
There is a lot more to the great controversy than to simply destroying the devil. Let’s find out! (more)
NNSW Big Camp 2017
by Various Speakers
Videos from NNSW Big Camp 2017.  (more)
Christian Finance
by Johnny Wong
In this series you will Learn The Biblical principles related to money, wealth and planning How to apply these principles into our day to day lives How to watch and prepare for the future – finance and end-time living Download all the extra resources here (more)
AOY 2015 - Relationship Seminar
by Dr. Sung Hyun
"Coming from 31 years of marriage, it hasn't been easy, it really takes a hard work and much more than that it takes the Holy Spirit!" - Dr. Sung Hyun (more)
AOY 2015 - Carry the Light
by various speakers
YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. A CITY THAT IS SET ON A HILL CANNOT BE HID.MATTHEW 5:14 God is calling an army of young people to be trained for His service, to bear light unto all the world. You are the that light. The movement begins with you. Are you ready? come to be trained. Come to be inpsired. Come to be revived. Come; carry the light to your world! ARMY OF YOUTH is a youth reviv... (more)
NNSW Big Camp 2016
by various speakers
'Big Camp' is a colloquial term for the annual convention of the North NSW Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This event is held each year at the Seventh-Day Adventist Convention Centre in Stuarts Point, NSW. It's a 10-day event filled with music, worship, inspirational speakers and activities for all ages. This event is run for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in... (more)
Campus Ministry
by Sebatien Braxton
Sebastien pioneer campus ministry in a university in Boston, USA with an amazing success. Let's learn from him what to do, and how to do it so that we can reach out to our class mate effectively! (more)
Bible Weekend (2016)
by Sebatien Braxton
Sebastien is passionate about working with youth and secular campus ministry. Having spent the past eight years sharing his incredible conversion, leadership experience and talent for preaching with STRIDE, Campus Ministries, GYC and countless youth movements both in the US and internationally. He is currently based in North Carolina, USA with his wife Candis and three young children, N... (more)
Bible Worker & Laity Training (2016)
by Pr. Louis Torres
As one of the most experienced soul winner, evangelist and bible instructor in the SDA church, Pr. Louis Torres brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in areas of evangelism, preaching, visitation and personal bible studies. These training videos is part of the Bible worker training program at: (more)
Cross Training
by David Asscherick & Matt Parra
Biblical. Powerful. Practical. Essential. Always be ready to give an answer – 1 Peter 3:15 I am set to give an answer – Philippians 1:17 Go ye therefore – Matthew 28:19 (more)