"AYC: You, Me & Him?" by Pr. Lyle Southwell


Relationships can be scary and produce lots of questions. Am I ready? Are they ready?
So many questions!!

Release Date: 28 Jul 2019

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How Do I Know I'm Ready to Enter Relationship? (1/8)
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A good relationship requires a solid foundation. Let's learn some of them! (more)
Relationship Q&A - Part I (2/8)
by · 4209 views · HD
When should I be more patience/move on? What if my partner parent disagrees with our relationship? (more)
How Do I Conduct Myself Around Opposite Sex? (3/8)
by · 5451 views · HD
Is that ok to have one-on-one time before a marriage? There are lot myth and extremes about this topic, let's sort of some of them. (more)
Do & Don't on a Relationship (4/8)
by · 5815 views · HD
There are lot myth and extremes about this topic, let's sort of some of them out. (more)
Relationship Q&A - Part II (5/8)
by · 5070 views · HD
I earn very as a missionary; then how do I be financially ready for a relationship? Should I walk a lady home as a gentleman? Can a man and women truly be just friend? If I can’t find anyone in my church,... (more)
Differences Between Men & Women (6/8)
by · 5041 views · HD
It’s obvious men and women are different. Learning the differences can safe you a whole lot of pain and misunderstanding! (more)
Biblical Sexual Relationship (7/8)
by · 11562 views · HD
Sadly, it is almost a taboo to discuss about sex in a church. But do you know the Bible has an entire chapter that is very explicit? Why that is? (more)
Relationship Q&A - Part III (8/8)
by · 5130 views · HD
Can the lady be more educated and/or highly respected than the man? Can one be destined to be single? Is that ok to have a prenuptial agreement? Can a long-distance relationship work? Can you be in a relationsh... (more)