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Biblical Sexual Relationship
by · 2254 views · HD
Sadly, it is almost a taboo to discuss about sex in a church. But do you know the Bible has an entire chapter that is very explicit? Why that is? (more)
Differences Between Men & Women
by · 1865 views · HD
It’s obvious men and women are different. Learning the differences can safe you a whole lot of pain and misunderstanding! (more)
Relationship Q&A - Part II
by · 1774 views · HD
I earn very as a missionary; then how do I be financially ready for a relationship? Should I walk a lady home as a gentleman? Can a man and women truly be just friend? If I can’t find anyone in my church,... (more)
Relationship Q&A - Part III
by · 1749 views · HD
Can the lady be more educated and/or highly respected than the man? Can one be destined to be single? Is that ok to have a prenuptial agreement? Can a long-distance relationship work? Can you be in a relationsh... (more)
How Do I Conduct Myself Around Opposite Sex?
by · 1854 views · HD
Is that ok to have one-on-one time before a marriage? There are lot myth and extremes about this topic, let's sort of some of them. (more)
Do & Don't on a Relationship
by · 1857 views · HD
There are lot myth and extremes about this topic, let's sort of some of them out. (more)
Forgiveness Therapy
by · 6791 views · HD
Broken relationship is one of the most painful experience most of us ever had. Let’s discover how we can overcome them! (more)
The Healing Manual
by · 5694 views · HD
As we learn previously, our circumstances may shape who we are today. But doesn't God call us to be victim of our circumstances, He call us, with His power, to be overcomer! (more)
How to be a Godly Man
by · 8350 views · HD
Love languages for Man and for Woman
by · 4972 views · HQ
How Men's & Women's Brain are Wired Differently
by · 3660 views · HQ
3 Steps Toward Healthy Marriage
by · 4706 views · HQ
Grace & Truth, JESUS, & Healthy Intimacy
by · 3965 views · HQ