" The Maker Heals" by Joy Cho

Learn how combining the gospel and God's principles of health can bring healing physically, mentally, spiritually.

Release Date: 24 Mar 2020

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The Maker Heals Orientation (1/25)
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Welcome to the Maker Heals. The One who made us knows how to heal us. Let's begin this journey to know and follow Him! (more)
Cities of Refuge (2/25)
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We are all 'unintentional killers' who deserve death. Run to the City of Refuge, Jesus Christ, without delay! (more)
My Testimony (3/25)
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From World-Loving Adventist to Leprosy Ministry Volunteer to Three Angels' Medical Missionary (more)
The One Thing (4/25)
by · 2322 views · HD
What is the ONE THING that we are lacking? What is the ONE THING that we need? (more)
The Seed, the Soil & Self (5/25)
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Insights from the Parable of the Sower.  (more)
Fasting & Recovery Meals (6/25)
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How to fast, why we fast, and how to do recovery meals properly. (more)
The True Fast (7/25)
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The true fast of Isaiah 58: 'The spirit of true fasting and prayer is the spirit which yields mind, heart, and will to God.' -EGW (more)
God's Natural Remedies (8/25)
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God's natural remedies are simple, inexpensive, and effective. They do not have any side effects. A TB patient was healed by God through His natural ways. (more)
Overcoming Appetite (9/25)
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Appetite has a strong hold on humanity. But Jesus has overcome appetite on our behalf. When we are born again in Christ, even our tastebuds and self-control are made new. (more)
Lessons from Leprosy (10/25)
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The leprosy of sin and selfishness is insidious. But what can we learn? Learn powerful lessons from the stories of lepers found in the Bible (Mark 1 and 2 Kings 5). (more)
What to Eat & What Not to Eat (11/25)
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Learn the principles of healthy eating and cooking as found to be effective for healing and preventing disease. (more)
Combining Fruits & Vegetables (12/25)
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Understand the principles of combining fruits and vegetables. Learn salad and salad dressing recipes. (more)
Knowing Who You Are (13/25)
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Heart Healing & Relationships (14/25)
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Satan wants to keep us bound so we cannot fully open our hearts to Jesus. We can experience heart healing and renewed relationships through the Word of God. (more)
Genuine Medical Missionary Work (15/25)
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What is genuine medical missionary work? How can we become genuine (in contrast with 'counterfeit') medical missionaries? (more)
The Three Angels Message - Part I (16/25)
by · 2140 views · HD
The 3 Angels' Message has personal implications for us to experience a return to the Creator God AND an exit from Babylon. (more)
What Does It Mean to Have Faith (17/25)
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Assessing & Applying Fasting (18/25)
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The benefits of proper fasting (and recovery) are enormous. Learn how to assess individual's health needs and apply the appropriate type and duration of fasting. (more)
The Three Angels Message - Part II (19/25)
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Testimony (20/25)
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