"Home Group: Re-Calibrating How We Do Church" by Various Speakers

COVID19 has been a big wake call for all of us. Churches are closed, and no public evangelism campaign can be held. Is this a taste of what to come? Is this the time for us to re-evaluate how we do church? 

Release Date: 22 Jun 2020

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Open Home (1/4)
by · 2730 views · HD
What will happen if you open your house for God's use? (more)
Home on Fire (2/4)
by · 2569 views · HD
Let’s rediscover the secret of the explosive growth of the early church! (more)
End Time Norm - Moving Forward (3/4)
by · 3611 views · HD
Let's re-calibrate how we do church in preparation of End Time! (more)