"AYC 2024 - Crossroads" by various speakers

Adventist Youth for Christ (AYC) is a celebration of youth, a challenge to aspire higher, a platform to be equipped and inspired, and an opportunity to grow and connect with others. 
AYC is comprised of students and young professionals who desire to be 
counter-culture and at the forefront of innovation.

Release Date: 30 Jan 2024

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The Bible is Different (1/19)
by · 3929 views · HD
Join me on a transformative journey to deepen your relationship with Jesus. Explore Luke 24 and discover five keys for an authentic, vibrant connection. Don't miss this opportunity for spiritual growth! (more)
Present Youth (2/19)
by · 758 views · HD
Unlock your potential! Embrace your weirdness and defy expectations. Join the movement that changed the world - GYC. Be Christ-centered, Bible-based, absolutely Adventist. You're not just young; you're a force ... (more)
Politics, Faith & The Bible (3/19)
by · 1571 views · HD
As we navigate the complex landscape of politics and society, it's essential to align our conscience with God's principles and not let it be swayed solely by personal preferences or external pressures. This dis... (more)
Mental Health - EQ vs IQ (5/19)
by · 874 views · HD
Uncover the secret to success with Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Learn how EQ, not IQ, drives success in all aspects of life. Improve your EQ for a more fulfilling and prosperous journey. (more)
Sidewalk Program (6/19)
by · 766 views · HD
Join RJ Gamboa and the Sidewalk Evangelism initiative. Empowering laypeople with a simple, biblical method to share the love of Christ. Be part of the solution to reach hearts and transform lives. (more)
Media Ministry Testimony (7/19)
by · 2436 views · HD
Hi there, I'm Clive Ute, co-founder of Lineage and Illuminate app. Dive into Christian history with Lineage or enhance your spiritual journey with the innovative Illuminate app. Join me on this transformative a... (more)
Burning or Burnout (8/19)
by · 2827 views · HD
Unlock the secret to avoiding burnout and experiencing lasting fulfilment in an engaging eight-part masterclass series. Discover practical skills and biblical insights to navigate life's crossroads, choosing th... (more)
Congnitive Behavioral Therapy (9/19)
by · 696 views · HD
Transform your life with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Break free from unhealthy behaviours and embrace a holistic approach. Boost your mind with exercise, quality sleep, and nutritious choices. Let's journey t... (more)
Fuel to the Fire (10/19)
by · 1230 views · HD
Embrace emotions as messengers, not enemies. Ecclesiastes reveals a time for every emotion. Understand their purpose: communication and motivation. Learn to manage, not suppress. Don't let emotions dictate, but... (more)
How to Know Jesus (11/19)
by · 1098 views · HD
Discover a deeper relationship with Jesus through continuous prayer. Unveil the extraordinary power of constant communication with God. Watch obstacles vanish, fears dissipate, and true transformation unfold. E... (more)
Present Truth (12/19)
by · 847 views · HD
Unlock the mystery of Jesus' 10 days between resurrection and Pentecost with exclusive insights from Desire of Ages. Elevate your understanding of Pentecost beyond Pentecostals. Unearth spiritual depths today! (more)
Authentic Reslationship with Jesus (13/19)
by · 1478 views · HD
Unlock the power of an authentic relationship with Jesus. Embrace the transformative journey of fruitful obedience. Join us on this spiritual adventure and experience the joy of knowing Him deeply. (more)
Sharing Jesus (14/19)
by · 3032 views · HD
Unlock the Power of Authentic Connection! Discover the Unique Ways to Know Jesus. Learn to Share His Love Creatively, Embrace Your Uniqueness, and Impact Lives. Join the Movement for a Personal and Powerful Rel... (more)
Present Dispute (15/19)
by · 1361 views · HD
Transform your life through the three pillars of holistic well-being: Prayer, Breathing, and Fitness. Just as you need air for survival and nourishment for the body, spiritual fitness is essential for a vibrant... (more)
Feel the Burn - Distorted Thinking - Part I (16/19)
by · 1519 views · HD
Unlock the power of your mind with our transformative program. Learn to conquer distorted thinking, overcome negativity, and embrace healing. Take the first step toward a positive and empowered life! (more)
Feel the Burn - Distorted Thinking - Part II (17/19)
by · 964 views · HD
Unlock the power of your mind with our transformative program. Learn to conquer distorted thinking, overcome negativity, and embrace healing. Take the first step toward a positive and empowered life! (more)
Core Believe (18/19)
by · 1251 views · HD
Uncover the roots of lasting change with our transformative program! Just as in therapy, we focus on core beliefs. Discover the fourth component often overlooked, providing profound healing. Don't just trim bra... (more)
Because of Love (19/19)
by · 1386 views · HD
Unlock authentic connection with Jesus through five key steps: immerse in the Bible, pray without ceasing, obey, share the gospel, and serve others with love. Experience a transformative journey today! (more)