"Starting a Soul Winning Cell/CARE Group" by Johnny Wong

It might sound easy to create small group meetings within our churches, but how can we turn those small groups into a soul winning ministry?

Release Date: 12 Nov 2008

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The Principles of Soul Winning CARE Groups (1/4)
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It might be sound easy to set up a small group, but how can that small group be turned into a soul winning ministry? Johnny Wong outlines the principles of a soul winning small group. (more)
How to Implement Soul Winning CARE Groups (2/4)
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In this second presentation in the series, we learn how to implement the principles of soul winning CARE Groups. (more)
How to Sustain Soul Winning CARE Groups (3/4)
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How many times have you seen small group meetings fail in the long term? In this presentation, you will learn how to run soul winning CARE Groups that last. (more)
Teaching in CARE Group (4/4)
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Many of us teach or lead the sharing in our small groups. Here you will find some principles and practical tips on how to teach effectively. (more)