"Prayer Relay" by Pr. Douglass Na'a

Prayer Relays will specifically focus on prayer and will be an opportunity for young people in various local areas to come together and start a prayer revival.

Prayer Relays will involve group prayer, devotionals, youth testimonies, optional fasting and interactive prayer modules. This will be a time for each young person to dedicate and prepare themselves for the youth-led evangelism in 2014.

The Prayer Relays will not be stand-alone events. They will work together with the re:dedicate Prayer Summit to be held from 19-21st of July 2013 in Adelaide, and are also closely aligned with TNT training modules.

Douglas Na’a is originally from New Zealand and completed hisBachelor and Masters degrees in Theology and Divinity in USA. Doughas served at Gateway Adventist Centre several years ago as a BibleWorker. He is sought after speaker having spoken at camp meetings,conferences and now on tour for AYC Prayer Relay 2013. He is currentlyserving as Senior Pastor of Pewee Valley SDA Church, in KentuckyTennessee Conference. 

Release Date: 16 Apr 2013

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