"RENEW - Women Conference" with Dr. Esmie Branner

Dr Ez Branner has a Ph/D in Research Psychology; specializing in cognitive neuroscience and emotional intelligence. She has worked as a college professor, counselor and therapist and is currently a consultant in the area of mental health and Cognitive and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. Dr Ez is the wife of Pastor Arthur Branner, a minister and family life counselor in the Northern California Conference. They complement each other in their ministry “Science of Salvation” (S.O.S) which takes them nationally and internationally empowering individuals and families through a range of educational, spiritual and mental health seminars. She is also mother to 5 adult children and grandmother to 12 grandchildren.

Dr Ez explains Biblical, Spiritual and groundbreaking Scientific evidence that enhances mental and spiritual growth; she will teach you how to commit your works and establish new thoughts.

Release Date: 31 Jul 2018

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Living in a Toxic World (1/8)
by · 9679 views · HD
Do you know your own thought can poison your body? Let's find out the process involved to cleanse yourself both physically and psychologically. (more)
Restore One Project Update (2/8)
by · 9930 views · HD
An update on restore one project in Cambodia whom many people at the last year conference donated their money to. (more)
The Secret of a Confident Woman (3/8)
by · 11230 views · HD
Can we, as ladies have a strong faith in God if we have no or little confidence in ourselves? (more)
Beyond the Veil of Darkness (4/8)
by · 23110 views · HD
After her baptism, her husband is on a mission to convert her to Muslim, whatever it takes. But God uses this opportunity to sent her as undercover agent for Him in Saudi Arabia. (more)
Differences Between Men & Women (5/8)
by · 6555 views · HD
Men and women are different. Understand this lead to strong and happy relationship. (more)
The Healing Manual (6/8)
by · 11385 views · HD
As we learn previously, our circumstances may shape who we are today. But doesn't God call us to be victim of our circumstances, He call us, with His power, to be overcomer! (more)
Forgiveness Therapy (7/8)
by · 13543 views · HD
Broken relationship is one of the most painful experience most of us ever had. Let’s discover how we can overcome them! (more)
The Power of Prayer (8/8)
by · 14459 views · HD
Esmie's twin sons were astray from the Church. They were drinking, smoking and taking illegal drugs. Let’s discover how the power of prayer bring them home. (more)