"For Such a Time" by Dan Vis

Ready for a paradigm shift in your thinking about ministry? A training seminar by Dan Vis…

This seminar will explore little known, but indispensable New Testament secrets to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Discover the importance of internalizing God's Word, building into our daily life and sharing it effectively with others.

Also covered will be principles of discipleship training, team building, and evangelism, and a special message on becoming that key man or woman God is calling you to be. Gain 20/20 insightinto finishing the work!

Release Date: 23 Aug 2009

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My Testimony (1/5)
by · 10084 views · HQ
Dan Vis shares his testimony and how it leads into the development of FAST mission program. (more)
A Call Into Glory (2/5)
by · 9189 views · HQ
Do you wonder why in so many of our churches has a few or no baptism for many years? Why so many visitors come in and say these churches is dead? Let's discover what cause it and how we too can get involve to r... (more)
Explosion Formula (3/5)
by · 10543 views · HQ
Do you realise that our church as it is winning less soul than that is born in this world daily? Let's discover a new dramatic change of the way we can shares the gospel that could eventually fin... (more)
Building Effective Team (4/5)
by · 9133 views · HQ
What are the keys to training our church members to help them to become effective workers? Let's find out. (more)
Mobilising for Mission (5/5)
by · 8156 views · HQ
We all know that running public evangelism meetings can be time consuming and expensive. What are the keys to effective evangelism meetings? How can we increase the its effectiveness? Let's ... (more)