"Kickstart Your Online Church" by Samuel Kitevski & Henry Ponco

Thinking of or just started to live stream your church service? Then this series is for you! Let's learn some tips and tricks to get your live stream up to speed in no time!

Release Date: 29 Mar 2020

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Introduction to Kickstart Your Online Church (1/6)
by · 6488 views · HD
Introduction to the kickstart your online church video series.  (more)
Getting Your Audio Right (2/6)
by · 3583 views · HD
Nothing more annoying to your audience than a buzzing/muffled audio. Here are some tips on how to get the audio of your live stream right (more)
Getting Your Light Right (3/6)
by · 7235 views · HD
Not even a very expensive camera can take a good video when the subject are poorly lit. Here are some tips on how to get your light right. (more)
Choosing the Right Video Camera (4/6)
by · 4658 views · HD
You don't have to buy an expensive camera to get started. Let's explore some of the options at every budget. (more)
Live Mixing Your PowerPoint/Keynote Slides (5/6)
by · 4463 views · HD
Learn how to live mix the presenter’s PowerPoint/keynote slides into your video on a budget. (more)
Going Live (Facebook/Youtube/Zoom?) (6/6)
by · 3483 views · HD
Explore some of the popular live streaming services, their pros and cons, and what you should choose. (more)