Health Evangelism Material Lessons

What does Adventist teach on diets and nutrition? What does Ellen G. White says about exercise? These list of quotes and PowerPoint slides will help you get started.

Note: These materials are to be use independently and are sorted alphabetically.

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0 Adventist Teachings on Diet and Nutrition 2036
0 Exercise in Ellen G. White Writings 1346
0 Food Category in Ellen G. White Writings 1311
0 Fruits and Vegatables at the Same Meal 4006
0 Health Evangelism - Why and How 1481
0 Major Breakthrough in the World of Health 1239
0 Nutritional Signs of the Times 1413
0 Principles of Exercise 1422
0 Recreation and Amusements in Ellen G. White Writings 1174
0 Testimony of Jesus on Flesh Foods 1367
0 Things Not Discussed in Adventists Teaching on Diet 1314
0 Two Meal a Day Plan 1377

NOTE: Some lesson are in a booklet format, please print on double sided page and fold into half to use the study guides