"Practical Leadership" by Johnny Wong

Did you know a church is the world's toughest enterprise to run? It is often easier to run a large worldwide corporation than running a church!

In this series, we will learn how we can be an effective leaders in our own churches today!

Release Date: 13 Sep 2013

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Devotion - Going Fishing (1/13)
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In the expository study of John 21, we uncovered 6 principles taught by Jesus about soul winning and being fisher's of men. In preparing the heart for the practical leadership we need to understand Jesus' metho... (more)
Biblical Foundation - Uniqueness of the SDA Message (2/13)
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One of the non-negotiable core value of a SDA local church leader is our firm and resolute belief of the Everlasting Gospel as expressed in the three angel's message in Revelation. This forms the Biblical manda... (more)
Practical Vision Development (3/13)
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Often we ask the question, "how does the local church develops a shared vision?" and "what are the steps?". In this lecture we learn a practical tool to discover the current state analysis of a local church. (more)
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Biblical Foundation - Pre-requisite to Vision (4/13)
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In a careful study of Nehemiah, we learn there are three P's before God given vision can be clear in the heart of the leader chosen by God. God places this vision and linked to His passion for people and the le... (more)
Practical Implementation of Revival (5/13)
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Once a leader receives a vision, how to counsel together? Is there a need for a multiple of counselors for safety? How do apply a key principle of scripture to have two or three witnesses to establish a visio... (more)
Question and Answer Session (6/13)
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In discussions with church leaders, board members, youth leaders, we answered questions such as - who are the people-group and why that is important? Our church is packed with programs and we are tired and bus... (more)
Devotional - Hearing God's Voice (7/13)
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Leaders are to be led by the Spirit. Each day they need to hear God's voice to direct and led their lives. How can they help others and lead others if they do not themselves hear God's voice? Bible leaders all... (more)
Leadership: Managing Change in the Local church (8/13)
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Each time a good idea or a vision is given, our greatest barrier is people that do not like change. Change in a local church is hard to manage. How can we drive change without getting people off side? How can... (more)
Forming Vision & Mission in the Local Church (9/13)
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Linking Visions to Plans (10/13)
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With the current yearly process of Nominating Committees in local churches, how do we link a long term multi-year strategy to annual plans? If the new Nominating committee is unaware of the strategy it will me... (more)
Theology of Baptism (11/13)
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Retention is a serious issue in the SDA church today. There are two main reasons for the poor retention - a) pre-mature baptisms and b) lack of discipleship. In this session we look at the Biblical model and p... (more)
Process of Baptism (12/13)
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When the Biblical foundation on Baptism is clear we can then develop a healthier model in the local church. The local church board has to grapple with the decision to approve a baptismal candidate. How can the... (more)
Devotion - Feed Yourself (13/13)
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This is devotional in which we learn three key questions to ask when leaders study a passage of Scripture. We learn to see the key observations, principles and applications. Application often is the weakest pa... (more)