"Training Centre Churches" by Pr. Kameron DeVasher

What if every church is a training centre? How much faster will the gospel be spread throughout all the world?

We will also be exploring the Biblical role of God’s angels, church pastors, elders and members in order for us to work more effectively together.

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Release Date: 26 Apr 2017

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The Ministries of Angels (1/7)
by · 6208 views · HD
What’s is the job description of Gods’ angels? (more)
Who Fed the 5000? (2/7)
by · 6557 views · HD
There are lessons on church structure and leadership within this familiar story. Let’s find out! (more)
It's Time To Eat Grandpa (3/7)
by · 6311 views · HQ
What is role of a church pastor? The slowdown of Adventist growth in the first half of 1900s can almost be contributed to this single miss conception. (more)
Farmer Jesus (4/7)
by · 5775 views · HD
Why is Jesus’ stories most often based on agricultural cycle? (more)
Discipline (5/7)
by · 6254 views · HD
Let’s take a look at the fifth phase, the most often neglected and forgotten phased in the cycle of evangelism in depth: Discipleship. (more)
Moving the Ship (6/7)
by · 5860 views · HD
What can you, as an individual member do to improve your experience personally and to move your church to a more Biblical direction? (more)
The Demoniac (7/7)
by · 6835 views · HD
What is the most effective, yet simple thing we can do as a Christian to share the Gospel to others? (more)