"Going & Growing" by David Asscherick

"Going and Growing" by David Asscherick [HQ]

Jesus took real risks by sending the disciples to preach in His name. He still does. You need to know why.

Date Posted: 02 Jul 2015
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Transformation Experience with the Book of Revelation
Nathan Renner is the senior pastor of the Discover Life Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sonora, California. He has served as a Bible worker, evangelist and pastor. He is co-founder of ARISE, a discipl... [more]

Video No 9 / 8


Jesus Call to Transformation (1/8)
by · 7325 views · HQ
Do you know that Jesus is intensely interested in the life of local churches? It doesn't matter if your church is a mega church or a small one in the middle of nowhere, He do care! (more)
Revelation & The Convenant (2/8)
by · 6953 views · HQ
The central theme of Revelation 4 & 5 is the concept of the covenant. Let's spend sometimes in the scripture to what the covenant is. (more)
How Great is the Great Multitude? (3/8)
by · 8314 views · HQ
Pr. Renner share his testimony on how he & Pr. David Asscherick becomes SDA! (more)
The Women & The Child (4/8)
by · 6968 views · HQ
Let's study Revelation 12, 13 & 14 which is the high point of the book of Revelation! (more)
The Women & The Children (5/8)
by · 6983 views · HQ
When the unexpected happen, usually resulted in disaster. When we caught off guard, the result can be really scary. God is the God of Love. Revelation 12&13 design to help us to know what is coming, so that... (more)
The First Angel Message (6/8)
by · 6186 views · HQ
Along the east coast of Japan, there were hundreds of ancient stones warning people not to remember the calamity of the great tsunamis and not to build homes below that point. Obviously most simply ignored the ... (more)
The Second & Thrid Angels' Message (7/8)
by · 6847 views · HQ
Love of God & The Seventh Last Palague (8/8)
by · 7088 views · HQ
Going & Growing (9/8)
by · 7929 views · HQ
Jesus took real risks by sending the disciples to preach in His name. He still does. You need to know why. (more)


Spend & Be Spent
by · 7098 views · HQ
by · 5931 views · HD
The White Flag
by · 7750 views · HD
In 1944, SS Richard Montgomery sunk along with its 1500 tons of explosive cargo and left as it is. Today, it still laying there with all that explosive power untapped and no body want to go near it. Ironically,... (more)
Look & Listen
by · 8475 views · HD
Sylvia Potts fell 2 metres short of 1500m race from what looks like a certain Olympic Gold medal. How many Christian are likewise? (more)
One in God's Purpose
by · 8305 views · HQ
Why are you a Christian? Why are you an Adventist? There's nothing more tragic than for us to through life, but failed to fulfil our purpose on earth! (more)
One With God's Spirit
by · 7803 views · HQ
Great Controversy Confirmed
by · 13934 views · HQ
A meeting with Pope Francis in July 2014 confirmed what was written in the Great Controversy book written over 100 years ago. (more)
Know Your Enemy
by · 6385 views · HD
How well do you really know the devil? (more)
Solus Christus (Christ Alone)
by · 6458 views · HD
 “True faith lays hold of Christ and leans on Him alone” – What did Luther mean by this? And how is faith, grace & Christ fit in together? (more)
Israel's Worse Enemy
by · 7921 views · HQ
What is the one biggest stumbling block that keep the Israelis from being what God wants them to be? Unfortunately this very same thing is also what keeping most of us from God too. Let's find out! (more)
Awesome Authority
by · 6843 views · HQ
We don’t often realise how much responsibility God entrusts us with. He knows what we can do through His strength and through this workshop you will too. (more)
Use It or Lose It
by · 7658 views · HQ
Sadly it is not uncommon for a church not to baptise any outsider for many years. Yet according to the Bible, the Church of God exist for the very reason to reach out to save the lost. What's going on? (more)