"First Angel Message - Part II" by Sebastien Braxton

"First Angel Message - Part II" by Sebastien Braxton [HQ]

Date Posted: 10 Mar 2016
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Bible Weekend (2016)
Sebastien is passionate about working with youth and secular campus ministry. Having spent the past eight years sharing his incredible conversion, leadership experience and talent for preaching with S... [more]

Video No 5 / 20


The Purpose of Prophecy (1/20)
by · 4281 views · HQ
We often use Biblical prophecies to make prediction of the future. But is this really what prophecies are given for? (more)
While We Have Time - Part I (2/20)
by · 3804 views · HQ
Adventists often overwhelmed the new comer with unnecessary things. We make it as if we have to do so much thing for us to be accepted by God. Why is it? (more)
While We Have Time - Part II (3/20)
by · 3791 views · HQ
Adventists often overwhelmed the new comer with unnecessary things. We make it as if we have to do so much thing for us to be accepted by God. Why is it? (more)
First Angel Message - Part I (4/20)
by · 4062 views · HQ
What does it really mean to fear God? (more)
First Angel Message - Part II (5/20)
by · 3683 views · HQ
The Focus of Revelation - Part II (6/20)
by · 3682 views · HQ
What is the main point of the book of Revelation? (more)
The Devil's Plan (7/20)
by · 4502 views · HQ
Let's study Revelation 13, the devil's war plan! (more)


Devotion: God's Witness
by · 522 views · HD
Why God need us to be a witness for Him? (more)
Image of the Beast
by · 555 views · HD
Did you know there are striking similarities between the events in Daniel 3, where Nebuchadnezzar build the golden statue and the event leading to end time revealed in Revelation 13? Let's this be a warning for... (more)
How to be a Godly Man
by · 2192 views · HD
Beyond the Veil of Darkness
by · 4099 views · HD
After her baptism, her husband is on a mission to convert her to Muslim, whatever it takes. But God uses this opportunity to sent her as undercover agent for Him in Saudi Arabia. (more)
The Secret of a Confident Woman
by · 1804 views · HD
Can we, as ladies have a strong faith in God if we have no or little confidence in ourselves? (more)
The Power of Prayer
by · 2673 views · HD
Esmie's twin sons were astray from the Church. They were drinking, smoking and taking illegal drugs. Let’s discover how the power of prayer bring them home. (more)
Who is My Neighbour?
by · 1459 views · HD
How much is your neighbour influenced your daily life? The little thing that are often ignored might make all the difference to your salvation. (more)
How to Run a Business?
by · 2173 views · HD
Do you want a 100% guarantee for your business to succeed?  (more)
The Goal of Campus Ministry
by · 4771 views · HQ
Many of us wish to reach out to our classmate. Let's start with a clear goal in our mind as we do so! (more)
The Healing Manual
by · 2117 views · HD
As we learn previously, our circumstances may shape who we are today. But doesn't God call us to be victim of our circumstances, He call us, with His power, to be overcomer! (more)
Game of Thrones
by · 1297 views · HD
Did you know Cyrus the great is a type of Jesus Christ? He was called the messiah, the anointed one, the shepherd and the deliverer. Let’s dig deeper into Cyrus, a man that Bible prophecies mention him by... (more)
The Power of Elijah Prayer
by · 429 views · HD
Elijah was a man subject to sinful nature just like we are. Yet his prayer can stop or start rains, bring fire down from heaven, many more. Do you know that the same limitless is power waiting for us? (more)