"First Angel Message - Part II" by Sebastien Braxton

"First Angel Message - Part II" by Sebastien Braxton [HQ]

Date Posted: 10 Mar 2016
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Bible Weekend (2016)
Sebastien is passionate about working with youth and secular campus ministry. Having spent the past eight years sharing his incredible conversion, leadership experience and talent for preaching with S... [more]

Video No 5 / 20


The Purpose of Prophecy (1/20)
by · 5965 views · HQ
We often use Biblical prophecies to make prediction of the future. But is this really what prophecies are given for? (more)
While We Have Time - Part I (2/20)
by · 5347 views · HQ
Adventists often overwhelmed the new comer with unnecessary things. We make it as if we have to do so much thing for us to be accepted by God. Why is it? (more)
While We Have Time - Part II (3/20)
by · 5649 views · HQ
Adventists often overwhelmed the new comer with unnecessary things. We make it as if we have to do so much thing for us to be accepted by God. Why is it? (more)
First Angel Message - Part I (4/20)
by · 5870 views · HQ
What does it really mean to fear God? (more)
First Angel Message - Part II (5/20)
by · 5413 views · HQ
The Focus of Revelation - Part II (6/20)
by · 5148 views · HQ
What is the main point of the book of Revelation? (more)
The Devil's Plan (7/20)
by · 6232 views · HQ
Let's study Revelation 13, the devil's war plan! (more)


The Word of God
by · 950 views · HD
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... Then God said, Let there be light; and there was light. Have we ever realise how powerful the Word of God is? (more)
Lessons from Leprosy
by · 904 views · HD
The leprosy of sin and selfishness is insidious. But what can we learn? Learn powerful lessons from the stories of lepers found in the Bible (Mark 1 and 2 Kings 5). (more)
The Two Advocates
by · 876 views · HD
by · 1856 views · HD
Abel died because of his faithfulness to God and yet Enock will not see death because of his faithfulness. What is going on? (more)
The Old Testament Prodigal
by · 1484 views · HD
You probably familiar with the prodigal son story in the new testament. But do you know there is another prodigal son in the old testament? (more)
Who is My Neighbour?
by · 3790 views · HD
How much is your neighbour influenced your daily life? The little thing that are often ignored might make all the difference to your salvation. (more)
The Chess Master
by · 3121 views · HD
Why is it that the God uses Jerusalem as the symbol of that which is good and Babylon as the symbol of that which is bad at the end of time? Let's dig into the history of these two historical cities to find out... (more)
Devotional: Glasswall & the Perception of Reality
by · 3158 views · HD
87 People died during their attempt to take a better selfie in 2016. Why is it when we pull out our selfie camera, suddenly we are blinded by the reality and more willing to do something crazier & take high... (more)
by · 1280 views · HD
Difficult Bible Passage: Three Days & Three Nights
by · 3276 views · HD
Jesus died on Friday afternoon and resurrected on Sunday morning. Then how will this fit into the "three days and three nights" the book of Matthew claim that Jesus will be in the grave? Do we miss something? (more)
The Blind Fish
by · 3092 views · HD
Are you spiritually as blind as the blind man in Bethsaida? There are lessons for us to learn from how Jesus healed this man that can help us to be spiritually unblind. (more)
The Power of Elijah Prayer
by · 2835 views · HD
Elijah was a man subject to sinful nature just like we are. Yet his prayer can stop or start rains, bring fire down from heaven, many more. Do you know that the same limitless is power waiting for us? (more)