"Effective Evangelism" by Gary Webster

"Effective Evangelism" by Gary Webster [LQ]

Pr Gary Webster recently lead and conducted a series of meetings where 3500 people attended and hundreds made decisions for baptism.Come and learn about the successful ingredients for effective evangelism today.

Date Posted: 07 Oct 2009
Select Quality: LQ

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How to Preach? (Homiletic)
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How to Help Others in Making Decisions Part II
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Preparing for the Harvest
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What is a farmer go out to the field, expecting an abundant harvest, yet he never did any sowing or cultivating? Unfortunately, we often do the same thing. Public evangelism still works if the field has been pr... (more)
Who Made You?
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Farmer Jesus
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From A to Go
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Building Effective Team
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This year's AYC theme is to "Rise and Build". This study explores how to access power for both. Is there a difference between the presence of the Holy Spirit in our life, and its power? Let's find ... (more)
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