"Hope in the Midst of Trials" by Chris Moses

"Hope in the Midst of Trials" by Chris Moses [HQ]

Date Posted: 01 Nov 2020
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Hope & Courage 4 The Last Days
It's been over half a year since the world was gripped with the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we continue the work spreading the Gospel in this unprecedented time? [more]

Video No 7 / 9


Proclaiming Truth & Hope in the Last Days (1/9)
by · 528 views · HQ
Why, When & how to leave the cities? (more)
Full of Hope & Courage in The Shaking time (2/9)
by · 567 views · HD
How can we survive the soon coming shaking time? (more)
Heaven, Paradise & the Promise of God (3/9)
by · 383 views · HD
Hope & Courage in Strange Time (4/9)
by · 461 views · HD
Proclaiming Truth & Hope Amid False Revivals (5/9)
by · 309 views · HD
Contrast Between God's People & The Mob (6/9)
by · 337 views · HD
Hope in the Midst of Trials (7/9)
by · 364 views · HD


The Secret of a Confident Woman
by · 5692 views · HD
Can we, as ladies have a strong faith in God if we have no or little confidence in ourselves? (more)
The Old Testament Prodigal
by · 1565 views · HD
You probably familiar with the prodigal son story in the new testament. But do you know there is another prodigal son in the old testament? (more)
The Healing Manual
by · 5484 views · HD
As we learn previously, our circumstances may shape who we are today. But doesn't God call us to be victim of our circumstances, He call us, with His power, to be overcomer! (more)
Who is My Neighbour?
by · 3858 views · HD
How much is your neighbour influenced your daily life? The little thing that are often ignored might make all the difference to your salvation. (more)
Experience Him - Part V
by · 3809 views · HD
In 2007, as Aenon grows, their current facilities are no longer sufficient. Yet they don’t have the financial mean to move. This is how God miraculously raise the money for them to acquire their new facil... (more)
The Power of Elijah Prayer
by · 2961 views · HD
Elijah was a man subject to sinful nature just like we are. Yet his prayer can stop or start rains, bring fire down from heaven, many more. Do you know that the same limitless is power waiting for us? (more)
Soldiers of Christ Lessons - From Gideon
by · 862 views · HD
God's ways are higher than our ways. The least likely person, completely submitted to and dependent upon God, girded with whole armor of God, can be used to shine the light of His character. (more)
Game of Thrones
by · 4725 views · HD
Did you know Cyrus the great is a type of Jesus Christ? He was called the messiah, the anointed one, the shepherd and the deliverer. Let’s dig deeper into Cyrus, a man that Bible prophecies mention him by... (more)
Proclaiming Truth & Hope Amid False Revivals
by · 309 views · HD
God of the Impossible
by · 1608 views · HD
What is one common thing in the life Abraham, Isaac & Jacob? They had to face a severe famine in their lifetime that put their faith to the test. God never promise to keep us from trouble, but He promise to... (more)
While We Have Time - Part I
by · 5487 views · HQ
Adventists often overwhelmed the new comer with unnecessary things. We make it as if we have to do so much thing for us to be accepted by God. Why is it? (more)
Set You Free
by · 2382 views · HD
Why is God so restrictive? His laws contain a lot of "do not…". Is God really that restrictive? (more)