"Proclaiming Truth & Hope in the Last Days" by Johnny Wong

"Proclaiming Truth and Hope in the Last Days" by Johnny Wong [HQ]

Why, When & how to leave the cities?

Date Posted: 17 Sep 2020
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Hope & Courage 4 The Last Days
It's been over half a year since the world was gripped with the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we continue the work spreading the Gospel in this unprecedented time? [more]

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Proclaiming Truth & Hope in the Last Days (1/9)
by · 3454 views · HQ
Why, When & how to leave the cities? (more)
Full of Hope & Courage in The Shaking time (2/9)
by · 3905 views · HD
How can we survive the soon coming shaking time? (more)
Heaven, Paradise & the Promise of God (3/9)
by · 3407 views · HD
Hope & Courage in Strange Time (4/9)
by · 3473 views · HD
Proclaiming Truth & Hope Amid False Revivals (5/9)
by · 2835 views · HD
Contrast Between God's People & The Mob (6/9)
by · 3603 views · HD
Hope in the Midst of Trials (7/9)
by · 5072 views · HD


Satan's Worse Nightmare - Part III
by · 9483 views · HQ
Do you ever wish you can give the Devil a nightmare? The Spirit of Prophecy teaches us exact how! (more)
Training the Member
by · 9779 views · HQ
There are many that secretly wish they can do more for God, but don't think they can do it. Here is the good news for you: If you are willing, God can turn you to be a blessing to many! (more)
Devotional: Glasswall & the Perception of Reality
by · 5130 views · HD
87 People died during their attempt to take a better selfie in 2016. Why is it when we pull out our selfie camera, suddenly we are blinded by the reality and more willing to do something crazier & take high... (more)
The Fruit of Revival is Obedience
by · 9340 views · HQ
In order for humanity to truly know God, He had to send his son to show us God. To truly know him is to respond with love. To respond in love is to live a life of faithfulness - or obedience! To live a li... (more)
8 Phases to UR church Training
by · 12675 views · HD
Pr. Matt explain the 8 phases to the UR church training module. (more)
The Word of God
by · 3163 views · HD
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... Then God said, Let there be light; and there was light. Have we ever realise how powerful the Word of God is? (more)
The foundation of Revival is Jesus
by · 8096 views · HQ
To know and follow Jesus is the foundation on which true Revival is built. To be saved by Jesus is to have a story to tell – that story may be a love story, a heroic quest, or the last request of a dy... (more)
The Power of Prayer
by · 11130 views · HD
Esmie's twin sons were astray from the Church. They were drinking, smoking and taking illegal drugs. Let’s discover how the power of prayer bring them home. (more)
The Ministries of Angels
by · 9115 views · HD
What’s is the job description of Gods’ angels? (more)
Satan's Worse Nightmare - Part II
by · 8978 views · HQ
Do you ever wish you can give the Devil a nightmare? The Spirit of Prophecy teaches us exact how! (more)
Servant Leadership - Part I
by · 8664 views · HQ
Matt 23:11 "But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant". How can we be a servant and a leader in the same time? What does it mean to be a servant leader? (more)
The Mystery of God
by · 12060 views · LQ
Who is the mystery of God? Do we have a part in finishing that mystery? Does this have any connection to the ‘time no longer'?’What is the final mystery of Adventists? What has Jesus said about the mystery of G... (more)