"Contrast Between God's People & The Mob" by Chris Guo

"Contrast Between Gods People and The Mob" by Chris Guo [HQ]

Date Posted: 23 Oct 2020
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Hope & Courage 4 The Last Days
It's been over half a year since the world was gripped with the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we continue the work spreading the Gospel in this unprecedented time? [more]

Video No 6 / 9


Proclaiming Truth & Hope in the Last Days (1/9)
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Why, When & how to leave the cities? (more)
Full of Hope & Courage in The Shaking time (2/9)
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How can we survive the soon coming shaking time? (more)
Heaven, Paradise & the Promise of God (3/9)
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Hope & Courage in Strange Time (4/9)
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Proclaiming Truth & Hope Amid False Revivals (5/9)
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Contrast Between God's People & The Mob (6/9)
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Hope in the Midst of Trials (7/9)
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For He That Cometh to God - Part II
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Let's learn some Biblical instruction on how to speak to God, how to know and love God more. (more)
Enemy of Purpose - Part I
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Let's learn about some of the thing that will stop you from achieving your purpose in life. (more)
When Things Look Impossible
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Have you ever been in a situation in your ministry where circumstances seem impossible to overcome? Listen to David\'s testimony on how it is in these times that God can shine the most. (more)
The Chess Master
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Why is it that the God uses Jerusalem as the symbol of that which is good and Babylon as the symbol of that which is bad at the end of time? Let's dig into the history of these two historical cities to find out... (more)
How Much is a Soul Worth
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If you can put a dollar into it, how much is a soul or a person worth? (more)
Choosing a Life Partner - Part I
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Believe it or not, marriage & family is a ministry! Let's find out the Biblical concepts of what is marriage, how to find your life partner and how to keep a marriage last. (more)
Assessing & Applying Fasting
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The benefits of proper fasting (and recovery) are enormous. Learn how to assess individual's health needs and apply the appropriate type and duration of fasting. (more)
King of the North & South
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Let’s study the prophetic chapter of Daniel 11 to uncover it's misteries and what it mean for us today. (more)
Competition, The Great Controvery & Chistian Principles
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Competition bring forth greater result right? Did you realise that competition first originated in heaven as Lucifer decided to strive against God to become number one? How then are we going to use the devil's ... (more)
Power to Build
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The power needed to "Rise and Build" must first be experienced in our personal life. This study examines the connection between the Holy Spirit and the Gospel, and gives practical insights for a lif... (more)
Put Your Hands in the Air
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Do you ever pray for everything on your mind and want to continue because you have not taken 'long enough'? How is it then that the men and women of the Bible could pray for hours? (more)
Game of Thrones
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Did you know Cyrus the great is a type of Jesus Christ? He was called the messiah, the anointed one, the shepherd and the deliverer. Let’s dig deeper into Cyrus, a man that Bible prophecies mention him by... (more)