"Contrast Between God's People & The Mob" by Chris Guo

"Contrast Between Gods People and The Mob" by Chris Guo [HQ]

Date Posted: 23 Oct 2020
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Hope & Courage 4 The Last Days
It's been over half a year since the world was gripped with the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we continue the work spreading the Gospel in this unprecedented time? [more]

Video No 6 / 9


Proclaiming Truth & Hope in the Last Days (1/9)
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Why, When & how to leave the cities? (more)
Full of Hope & Courage in The Shaking time (2/9)
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How can we survive the soon coming shaking time? (more)
Heaven, Paradise & the Promise of God (3/9)
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Hope & Courage in Strange Time (4/9)
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Proclaiming Truth & Hope Amid False Revivals (5/9)
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Contrast Between God's People & The Mob (6/9)
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Hope in the Midst of Trials (7/9)
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Health, Centre of Influence & Strategy
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Let's explore Victorian conference strategic and vision about the health & Centre of Influence. (more)
Centre of Influence Direction & Partnership Opportunities
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There are two extremes polar of how COI run: One is just a business, the other is a soul winning machine but rely heavily on church grants. Let’s have a look at some effective COIs around the world to see... (more)
Connecting Efficiently Within the Church Using Technology
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How to use innovative tools such as WhatsUp, Google Drive to streamline communication within the church? (more)
Satan's Worse Nightmare - Part V
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Do you ever wish you can give the Devil a nightmare? The Spirit of Prophecy teaches us exact how! (more)
Three is a Crowd
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No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (more)
The Fruit of Revival is Obedience
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In order for humanity to truly know God, He had to send his son to show us God. To truly know him is to respond with love. To respond in love is to live a life of faithfulness - or obedience! To live a li... (more)
Minority Report
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Whether we like it or not, we all have an online profile. Whether one coming from big companies like Facebook or government agencies like tax office. The only question now is, what kind of picture does your onl... (more)
Get the Job Done
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Ultimately, if we are serious about finishing the work, we must learnto understand the call of God. This study looks at valuable keys tocoopeerating with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the Great Commission. (more)
Hope & Courage in Strange Time
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Combining Fruits & Vegetables
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Understand the principles of combining fruits and vegetables. Learn salad and salad dressing recipes. (more)
Will the Real Adventist Please Stand Up?
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Imagine you\'re standing in a crowd and people try to identify you as an Adventist. What kind of questions would they ask? "How do you spend your time?" "What kind of music did you listen to?" how will you answ... (more)
Choosing a Life Partner - Part III
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Believe it or not, marriage & family is a ministry! Let's find out the Biblical concepts of what is marriage, how to find your life partner and how to keep a marriage last. (more)