Christian Finance
by Johnny Wong
In this series you will Learn The Biblical principles related to money, wealth and planning How to apply these principles into our day to day lives How to watch and prepare for the future – finance and end-time living Download all the extra resources here (more)
AOY 2015 - Relationship Seminar
by Dr. Sung Hyun
"Coming from 31 years of marriage, it hasn't been easy, it really takes a hard work and much more than that it takes the Holy Spirit!" - Dr. Sung Hyun (more)
AOY 2015 - Carry the Light
by various speakers
YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. A CITY THAT IS SET ON A HILL CANNOT BE HID.MATTHEW 5:14 God is calling an army of young people to be trained for His service, to bear light unto all the world. You are the that light. The movement begins with you. Are you ready? come to be trained. Come to be inpsired. Come to be revived. Come; carry the light to your world! ARMY OF YOUTH is a youth reviv... (more)
NNSW Big Camp 2016
by various speakers
'Big Camp' is a colloquial term for the annual convention of the North NSW Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This event is held each year at the Seventh-Day Adventist Convention Centre in Stuarts Point, NSW. It's a 10-day event filled with music, worship, inspirational speakers and activities for all ages. This event is run for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in... (more)


Ellen White & Trinity Doctrine
by · 10801 views · HQ
What does Ellen White writing says about the trinity doctrine? Is true that the trinity doctrine enter the SDA church after Ellen White pass away? Or is it possible someone else modified her writing altogether? (more)
Weak Heart, Weak Hand
by · 27204 views · HD
It is unquestionable that when our heart are weak, so is our work for God. Let's find out! (more)
Church Planting
by · 1979 views · HD
Do we really need to plan more churches? So many of our churches is half full or less. Here are 7 reasons why you should plan a church and why it will be good for your current church! (more)
Reaching Millenials
by · 2293 views · HD
How do we reach younger generation in practical ways? Let’s learn away from the old assumption and ways in order to reach out to them better. (more)
A Vision That Almost Cost Ellen G. White Her Life
by · 24552 views · HQ
Throughout her life, Ellen G. White had many visions. But there is one particular vision that made the devil attack her personally in order to stop her from sharing the vision. Let’s find out what the vis... (more)
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你是否曾经碰到过一位对圣经充满兴趣想要查经的慕道友,你想要帮助他/她查经却不知从何下手?是否曾煞费苦心耗时数月甚至经年与人查经,对方却迟迟不决志?让我们一起来学习更有效的查经方法。 (more)
St. Thomas - The Apostle to India
by · 33064 views · HQ
Jesus told His disciples to spread the Gospel to every tongue and nation, and that exactly what they did! Let's uncover some of the work Thomas did all the way back in the 1st century! (more)
8 Phases to UR church Training
by · 1547 views · HD
Pr. Matt explain the 8 phases to the UR church training module. (more)
How to Study the Bible - Part I
by · 12564 views · HD
Many times, we can read the Bible and miss a lot of the important truths that it has to offer. This workshop trains you to be able to study the Word of God so that you gain a better understanding as well as ena... (more)
Total Commitment
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The church Pr. Goia was working on had an average of 15 attendance every Sabbath. Within a year, it grew to over 100 average and had 276 Bible studies every week! Let's find out how! (more)
SDA Pioneer History & Gateway Case Study
by · 7901 views · HQ
When we discovered what our SDA pioneers did in soul winning, we realised they followed the paradigm found in the New Testament. We can learn from their pioneering spirit as they enter new cities and countries ... (more)
The Prayer of Faith
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Have even been in the situation where there is you have no hope, no light and nothing you can do? What do you do then? (more)
First Principles of Money
by · 973 views · HD
We will learn about the KEY principles in the Bible that God has for us concerning wealth and money. (more)
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很多教会一直对如何更有效地开展公共布道会有所疑问。在这一讲里,我们一起来学习关于布道会应该如何更有目的性,实用性地开展。 (more)